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    Is it important to create[ blog posts]( that capitalize on open-ended questions in order to encourage audience engagement? No big deal, right?

    Well actually, open-ended questions will open up new opportunities for you when writing your blog posts. An open-ended question has the ability to invite your audience to respond to your post in a much deeper manner than usual. Let me explain…

    Let’s say you have a blog post on getting more meat to eat. In the past you might have addressed this in a direct way. You wrote “how do I get more meat to eat” and then gave a recipe or list of recipes you say you used.

    This type of direct address does cause a little buzz. People are getting the point, and will respond on your site if they liked your previous post. But people who come on who have the same problem, or didn’t get the point in your last post, will not be on the same boat as you.

    So now, you can address this more in your post by asking an open-ended question. You may be able to attract a whole new group of people to your site that have similar problems. And this new group of people could become your blog readers or visitors over time.

    As far as engaging your visitors and getting them to engage with you, I find that an open-ended question works better than a direct address. So a great example of this would be “How did you get your first pound of ground beef?” and then give a recipe or list of recipes.

    It is much easier to answer an open-ended question because people are free to respond “I cooked it” or “I bought it at the store” or “I got it from the farmer” or “It is my favorite cut” or “I bought it at the farmers market”.

    Get answers to your open-ended questions by soliciting the answers from your readers. You can do this by asking a question or by asking them to comment on a post you write.

    I also find that a good way to get an answer is by taking a poll.

    Get answers by asking a poll. A good poll will get answers from a variety of people and will get a mix of “yes” and “no” answers.

    A good poll will get a diverse group of responses which is what you want. You want a mixed bag of responses so that you can build a good profile of your blog in your blog stats. And also you want a diverse group of responses so that you can be more accurate in your predictions.

    Another way to get your first blog traffic, is to take the top performing blog articles and offer them for free to your subscribers. This is one of the most effective ways to build an email list.

    In conclusion, these are just three of many ways that you can get blog traffic, and once you master these three, you can start to explore other ways to get blog traffic.

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