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    Hey guys,

    What are your thoughts on internal link in the footer of a website?

    I guess what I´m asking is:

    * Does it pass any value to the pass?
    * Can it negatively impact SEO?
    * What type of pages are safe to put in the footer and how many should you maximum include?

    If anyone knows of any good articles on this, please share 🙂




    Juice from footer internal linking is not as big as 10 years ago now…
    You can use internal link in the footer in order to improve local SEO if you need it (I tested it for a client), but it will not pass juice enough to rank well on keywords or keyphrases.

    Think that for a couple of years now, the surfer became reasonable and their is much value to get internal linking up to a page.


    Avoid this.

    Footer links will be on the entire website. So if you have 200 pages/posts- means there will be 200 links.

    Google smart enough to recognize this very quickly and understand the value of such a link.

    Most people add links to pages like “privacy policy” “refunds” and other internal pages- these ones will be treated differently comparing to dofollow link to another website.


    As much as I know. It won’t help you in internal linking or in any types of SEO growth. But If you think people will love footer link and they will click on that then use it, Otherwise it still on you. It won’t help you in SEO purpose but if you put footer link on other sites and those sites linking to you through footer then it can affect your site quality and ranking.


    The value of footer links has diminished greatly over the years. Not worth the effort.

    Can it negatively impact SEO? Absolutely. I still hear stories of this. Not as common as a few years ago, but still not impossible. Personally, I had a web design site get a manual penalty for unnatural linking because I would like to my design site from my clients sites, in the footer. I had to edit each clients site to remove the footer link before I could get reindexed. And by then it was too late, I never recovered even though it only took a week or so to remove the links and request reinclusion. This was 4 or 5 years ago though so I’m sure it’s changed somewhat.

    The pages to put in the footer are generally your lowest value – IE privacy policy, links to your social profiles etc

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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