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    Hi Guys ,

    I wonder how do you find your winning interest ,do you look into some data or just sales?
    And when do you know if your product is winning one?

    My budget is $50/day and I am in Pet niche.
    I don’t know if my strategy is good but I wait 2 days for the ad set to make a sale if don’t I just replace it with new one,I try to find 4-5 ad sets that get at least one sale a day and scale the best one in CBO.
    I mean is it a good strategy or is there any better?


    2 days is too short for your budget. I suggest waiting for 3-4 days before you scale the campaign.

    Is your test campaign in CBO or ABO?


    Definitely wait longer than just 2 days. I’ve even read/heard its better to wait closer to 7 days now following iOS14 updates as Facebook an take a good few days before it really knows the right pocket of people to show your ad to.

    Also be mindful of your ROAS. With smaller budgets you may have a decent ROAS however you’ll notice as you scale your ROAS will drop. If you’re just breaking even or slightly profitable at $50 a day you may find those ads/ad sets become unprofitable when you scale.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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