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    FB ads, good

    Posted by afterincrease3321 on September 19, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    Hi everybody I currently run 3 different fb ad testing campaigns:

    Information about the website: Baby niche one product store, Product price after entering a discount code 60€ instead of 75€, fast delivery stock at home

    My plan was to put every winner in a prospecting campaign and to run a supplementary retargeting campaign, with a 80/20 split.

    Unfortunately, my campaigns have no sales at all until right now, but good metrics, I spent 250€ in total.

    Here my campaigns, 10€ budget per adset/ day ABO the target spend per sale is 20€ or ideally 15€:

    1. Audience testing (2 Adsets)

    2. Creative testing (3 Adsets)

    3. Landing page testing (2 Adsets)

    Here all the statistic:

    |Adsets|Budget/ Day|Impressions|Total spent amount in €|Unique link clics sortant|CTR outgoing|Cost per outgoing clic in €|CPM in €|
    |Audience Broad|10€|3772|28.14|131|3.47%|0.21|7.46|
    |Audience targeted|10€|4599|28.32|100|2.17%|0.28|6.15|
    |Audience Video1|10€|4206|51.72|102|2.42%|0.5|12.29|
    |Audience Video2|10€|4287|50.32|42|0.97%|1.19|11.73|
    |Audience Video3|10€|3605|48.54|39|1.08%|1.24|13.46|
    |Landing page1 Educative how to|10€|671|20.58|28|4.17%|0.735|30.7|
    |Landing page2 Sales page|10€|1923|24.88|44|.2.28%|0.56|12.93|


    After \~400 clicks on the website and no sales, some ATC and payment informations added, I’m a bit frustrate, if I analyse right with the add everything is fine, but the offer isn’t interesting enough for the clients to purchase.

    Here are my questions:

    1. What do you think, would you stop everything or go on with the winners in a prospecting campaign.
    2. Would you run a supplementary retargeting campaign?
    3. How much budget would you use?
    4. Do you have supplementary tips?
    5. What other types of advertising would you use?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    All the best for your week.

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