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    Hello guys,

    I want to start effectively dropshipping with facebook ads, could you help me with my questions?

    Question 1 : Do you always have one campaign to only test creatives? Is it in CBO or ABO?

    Question 2 : When you kill adsets in your CBO is it necessary to add new adsets (with different interests) but still with the same creatives , to compensate with the adset that have been killed ?

    For example : I have 5 adset in a cbo at 50/day with 2 creatives. Only 1 adset is perfoming.

    What’s next?

    1) leaving this adset only in the cbo

    2) create 4 new adsets in the cbo to test new interests and find profitable one (4 because, 4 were unprofitable so I replace them idk if that makes sense?)

    3) duplicate this adset in a new cbo Xtimes (and increase the budget by 20%?) and running those 2 cbo at the same time ( with maybe overlap??)


    I’m wondering because leaving one winning adset like that could reset the learning phase because all the budget will be spent on this adset, and fb says that huge change in the budget can reset the learning phase.

    Question 3 : Why some people are duplicating a winning adset from a CBO into a new one while facebook says it can reset the learning phase? i know it’s a totally new audience from the original one so fb can look up in different segment but i don’t really understand the purpose of it.


    Question 4 : What is exacly “narrowing audience by breaking it down”?

    Is it age, country, placement? if so, if we change these infos on the adset, will the adset get back to the learning phase ?


    Question 5 : When do you decide ad adset is not worth it? Spent more than BEP? than AOV?

    Thank you so much and sorry for all those questions i’m still a newbie!


    1) Depends on your framework. We test both CBO and ABO in all accounts. Never hurts to run both and use automated rules to scale winners and stop loss.

    2) Just kill the ad sets not performing. Don’t add in new adsets into a CBO, you reset the learning phase. If you want to add more ad sets and the campaign is performing well, dupe the campaign and do your thing. Let the original rock n roll. Leaving one ad set in a cbo wont reset anything. Budget is handled at a campaign level for CBO.

    3) Precisely why you just said. Editing a campaign reset learning phase. So instead of editing it and taking the risk of fucking up your nice performing campaign, you dupe it.

    4) Narrow audiences just means adding parameters like age/gender/location etc or narrowing through interests using AND statements.

    5) Depends on the KPI’s you see. I like to start it off based on purchase and move to ROAS for my automated rules. I recommend RevealBot for that. Here’s a pic of some rules for an ecomm client with AOV of $55. [https://imgur.com/a/pn23ej9](https://imgur.com/a/pn23ej9)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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