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    Hello ,

    As any of of the beginners i have went through udemy and a lot of youtube videos and strated with traffic … went for a decent run … obviously no sales. Then after couple of weeks … this week i have started and completed my first conversion ad, starting with View Content. As per FB or other advices … FB will need atleast 50 conversions to complete, for Pixel to start improving on its own.

    Now that i have completed my converstion add for View content with below stats,

    Impression : 2585

    Result : 72

    ctr : 3.64%

    CPC: .19

    View Content: 72

    Add to Cart :0

    What should i do next ? Do i need to restat the same conversion ad for view content again or duplicate it ? Or is Add to Cart advisable ?

    Also are the above stat numbers kind of OK or i need to warm up for more audience.

    Audience: US, women only 18 – 65+

    Product : Wearable Air Purifier.

    Looking for some advice on how to move next ?




    What is your main goal here? Are you selling products/Ecomm? I’ve found that you don’t need the 50 they have stated in the past for conversion/sales objective to work well. It depends on a number of variables. Based on your impressions, you aren’t spending much I’d assume so you probably aren’t going to be able to use actual sales as the conversion KPI.

    I will actually layer multiple objectives on the same audiences well the best ones – conversions, traffic & reach typically as while there will be overlap, your reach is pretty throttled with just conversions. I want to still get top of the funnel prospects to the site, get them cookied and some signed up for the newsletter. With this strategy however, I typically will run 4-8 different Ads, but built 1-1 on the ad set level so that consumers will see a variety of ad types and formats all around that specific campaign. You can then drive up frequency without creative fatigue or annoying consumers too.


    To follow this methodology, your next step is an Add to Cart campaign, then Initiate Checkout, then Purchase.

    You can always just buy towards your end goal: Purchase. If you have a low ticket offer, I usually recommend this. It sounds like you can only buy a couple purchases a week right now so maybe try ATC next anyway.

    Tbh idk why ppl say you can do $5 a day ad spend. You can’t get anywhere with that and an unlucky month can ruin you. This is the greatest myth ad gurus trick you into thinking. If you want to actually make money, you need to be spending thousands a day. The creative that works at $5 a day might not be what works at $5,000. Not to bust OPs balls or anything. You’re doing fine, you’re learning and breaking even which is great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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