Facebook New Ads always 4 times worse than old ones, what to do?

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    This drives me crazy, doesnt matter is new ads better or way better than old one, it always works 4 times worse, what should i do, wait till it gets to normal rates or what? I cant run the old ads, because some text inside the ad doesnt apply anymore, its not major thing, but still not accurate

    i thought new ad is worse than old one, so i created another one and still its the same

    look at the screenshot



    and this is just one campaign as an example, same happens in any other


    /u/itwasntmeoritwas, I have found an error in your post:

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    Same thing here. Check your quality score and reply pls.


    test more ads


    FB Learning Phase still?


    CPC is a calculation of your auction price (CPM) and your clickthrough rate. Try focusing on your CTR. This is a critical KPI for improving efficiency. And, if you have high CTR, facebook awards you with lower auction prices. Further reducing your CPC.

    Test more ads. specifically video.


    Its the expesive season


    Don’t wait. Make new ads. Make a lot of ADS, copy them.
    Copy ad sets. Different targeting!
    Facebook algoritmh pushes the ones with more interaction forward.
    Try try try and once it’s ok…. scale that one.


    How seasoned are your audiences?


    Because you’ve barely spent on the new campaigns, zero time to optimize?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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