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    Hey all 😉

    I have an eCommerce store that most of my traffic came from Facebook, and I didn’t invest so much in other traffic sources. (stupid mistake -_-)

    Now that Facebook sucks for me I losing traffic and search for some new channels that I’ll able to get some new buyers, already trying ambassadors, influencers, and google shopping.

    Can you guys suggest me some good channels?




    If you are eCom your first choice should always be Shopping + Search. Next if you got the ressources branch into YouTube.

    I would advise you to currently only use FB for retargeting or if you have enough data using buyers LLA for prospecting. Anything else will be less performant for the next few months just given the circumstances alone, not accounting for any algo slips or the likes.


    Google shopping and YouTube


    Facebook is still the most powerful out of all social channels imo, but it sure has its downsides. I’d recommend that you don’t give up on it just yet.

    But if you’re looking to expand on other channels, I’d suggest Pinterest.


    I Fuxking hate FB AD. You paid to get follower and you PAID again for follower to view your post.
    The viewing rate is just like 5% if you don’t pay. Fuxking vampire.


    There is nothing wrong with Facebook, it’s you. You need to come up with a better offer and more engaging creative. It’s almost always the creative and offer


    There is something wrong in past months, there is a lot of talk about it here plus business dropped significantly for me this month, like extremely, most of my customers are from USA and they seem to stop buying.


    Hey, a useful insight I recently found out:

    * for every $1000 spent on Facebook ads, we generated 120 organic searches (measured with search console)
    * for every $1000 spent on Youtube ads, we generated **280 organic searches**

    (the whole report on how I got those results is here: [https://lebesgue.io/2020/how-acquisition-campaigns-influence-brand-awareness/](https://lebesgue.io/2020/how-acquisition-campaigns-influence-brand-awareness/))

    so the suggestion is to push youtube/google network a bit more

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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