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    Hey guys, I am not entirely sure why this happens so was hoping for someone to shed some light for me. I have a retargeting campaign that’s structured like this below:


    1) Web V 3 days

    2) ATC 5 days

    3) IC 5 days

    4) ATC 10 days

    5) IC 10 days

    6) WV 10 days

    7) 50% views on video (this one I imagine is just cause I haven’t had the video running for long enough)


    There are only 2 ad sets that have not spent any budget (2 & 5); (ATC 5 days & IC 10 days) My question is why and how can I fix it.


    I have it currently running on conversions as the goal and I receive somewhere between 25 – 50 carts a day and 7 – 12 checkouts per day.


    Bonus question: Also, with adsets whats your go to process for interests and LLA. What I mean by this is how do you decide whether to kill an asset, or if its winning when do you decide to duplicate it. When you duplicate it, how many of the same interest adset do you run at a time, and do you keep the original adset that was winning running? When and why do you decide to scale these adsets. I have watched 100’s of videos but, most if not all of them seem to avoid this part they explain nearly every aspect except on what to actually do when your adsets are successful. I continuously find myself scaling adsets and having the ROA fall off, granted I usually knee jerk this cause I don’t really know how long is a fair amount of time to give the asset to see if it was a statistical anomaly or whether the ad is really falling off. So I tend to duplicate it at this point, and often find after duplicating that the ad set more often then not is not as successful as the original.


    My new thought process on this, is that I have been looking for winning adsets. I am going to taking winning interests and duplicate them about 5 times into a new campaign (from cold to warm). Inside the warm campaign I am going to test by removing certain interests from the group of interests inside the adset, essentially optimizing the ad. Once I have found the the optimal version of this adset, I was planning on juicing it and scaling it as hard as I can. Once I have found a group of 3-5 interests that are optimized. I was going to put them together in a new campaign (Hot) where it will run by CBO with a winning LLA adset, and a broad adset with nothing more then the country, age, and gender. Does this sound like a smart way of going about it, or is there a better way?


    Thanks in advance!


    You can set the minimum spend for each ad set. I assume this is a CBO? Sometimes Facebook needs a little nudge to get an ad set started. I always put a $1 minimum spend on an ad set when launching to help this

    What is your monthly ad spend?


    If it’s not spending and there’s a large enough audience, there’s too many restrictions on budget or placement. My guess is that your trying to hit them
    Up exclusively on newsfeed.

    The way fb has been lately for me, I would encourage you to just juice what works and don’t try to get slick. Ie you are blowing $200 on a 30-64 m&f audience and you see best roas at 30-40 female and dial in, you’ll probably see it go to shit. Live with the decent cpa across the range vs getting surgical or it seems to go to shit lately.

    As you scale budget, your going to find yourself like a one legged person in an ass kicking contest. Just ride what works at the moment and bump the budget 10-15% every 2 days or duplicate it and bump the budget and see what happens.

    Not trying to rain on your parade or be a d&$k, but it’s been pretty wonky as you start scaling. Some days great some horrible. More horrible than great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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