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    I had an ad set up for a conversion event of ‘purchase’ but wasn’t getting anything to happen.

    As a work-around, I made a new facebook ad with a conversion event of ‘add to cart’. It has a roughly 4% ctr and it’s cpm keeps getting lower as time goes on, (I made the ad yesterday) (it started with a cpm of $30, now it’s around $18-$20) Now, the ad so far has brought in about 7 different people who added to cart, BUT only one purchase. I want to make the conversion event to optimize for ‘purchase’ but as stated earlier, nothing happens because my store is too new and small to get 50 sales a week from one ad.

    Should I just let the ad keep running until it has finished optimizing for ‘add to carts’?


    Not getting 50 purchases feels bad, but getting 50 ATCs and only 1 purchase feels even worse – speaking from experience 🙂 long-term you will want to switch to purchases as a conversion objective. Until then, ATC can be a good workaround. Have you tried retargeting to those that visited/added to cart but didn’t convert?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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