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    Hi guys,

    My new conversion campaign (5 days running) has spent 90% of the daily budget on 1 ad even though I have 3 other ads running in the same adset. It’s currently in the learning phase, but idk how to set the budget at an ad level instead of the adset level. Spending $50 daily.
    Should I leave it like this? Or can I change it somehow to spend the budget equally across all ads?

    Thanks in advance


    How long have your ads been running?
    There is a lot of possibilities of why that could be happening but mostly, there is something causing the system to favor that ad over the others so it’s kind of self fulfilling


    That’s how Facebook work. It always chooses one which gets most of engagements at the start. It’s not always the best, just the lucky one. Adding multiple same format ads doesn’t let you test them so I’d recommend to only add defferent formats (eg, image, carousel and video). If you want to test them use dynamic or better A/B test


    If your goal is efficiency… then what is happing is a good thing.

    FB is allocating the budget towards the ad with the highest estimated action rate and ad quality. This may change next week since it’s still in the learning phase and cycling through bids.

    I just had one ad spend 1k+ while other ads get like $100-200 in spend. Because the 1k+ ad had the best bid/action rate. Then, the budget shifted into one of the lower spending ads a week later.

    After the learning phase, it stabilizes a lot more and you’ll be able make a higher integrity decision.

    But, if your goal is control and accuracy in spite of efficiency, do this:

    * ABO
    * 1 ad per ad set

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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