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    I’m a one man band. I’ve released 18 songs so far this year and I only have 7 listeners on Spotify. Hardly any streams. I don’t have many insta followers either (less than 200 on my public acc)

    Are Facebook Ads and Insta Ads worth it? Can they really boost my music (I have a FB page, insta page, YT channel and music on all streaming platforms for my band) My Facebook page has some likes, my band insta page has only 5 followers.

    My type of music is hard rock music. How can I market // make sure I get the most out of using FB and Insta Ads?

    All advice appreciated, from a struggling and frustrated musician


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    So, 2 things: 1.it’s not just about ads It’s about strategy. 2. Your music has to be good or open and evolving. Can’t speak to the second because I don’t if you’re good or not. But the first is super important.


    The most important thing is the strategies that you follow for running a campaign for your band.
    As we are also a digital and social media marketing agency and I have seen one thing that nowadays Instagram ads are much beneficial than FB ads.
    So if you want to do marketing for your band then you can even DM us and we can help you with that.


    HMU bro I can get you 20k organic on ig and get you on good Spotify list


    I say, use tiktok. Try creating your own tiktok page and put your music out there. Pay some micro-influencers in the rock music type industry and ask them to use your songs. Use instagram stories and reels. Just make video content using your music. Paid advertising wouldn’t be the best suit for your niche. Try organic engagement on Instagram. Join rock music communities on facebook, reddit and any platform you can find and post entertaining clips of your music or your chorus and stuff. Just don’t spam.


    My wife is in the same situation. I’ve had some success using Google Ads and releasing the music video as an ad campaign which points to Spotify when clicked.


    Focus on:

    1. Building your brand. (Not “band”–“brand”. Do you have one yet?)
    2. Followers. Followers. Followers. Always be putting the word out there. (I didn’t see a link to your music anywhere in your post…)
    3. Cross-linking with yourself on every social media platform there is.
    4. TikTok. You HAVE to have a presence on there and use it as a funnel to your profit generating sites. (Plural.) TikTok as of yesterday morning was the future of marketing.
    5. DubSmash. Reddit has 300M monthly viewers, and it announced, overnight, that it had purchased DubSmash. That means TikTok is no longer the only player in town, and it might no longer be the future of marketing. (The world of Social Media changes fast–just ask MySpace.)
    6. Find someone to market you. You are a musician–you need to focus your limited hours on refining your craft and making music. Find an agency that does Social Media Marketing and is willing to work off of a commission of the revenue it generates for you.
    7. Don’t waste money on ads or promotions yet. Until you know where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there, ads and promotions are a waste of money and energy.

    And, share a link to your music. Always. Even in here 🙂


    Sounds like you need to use hashtags on IG

    As for Facebook, join some groups relevant to your genre and share your posts in them

    Ads are also useful from my experience


    Don’t spend money on fb or ig ads – you’ll waste it. You need an organic plan bro! Get out there, have conversations, hustle in groups, on your profile, get a blog, def get on tiktok (you can try ads on there, they offer $300 in ad credit rn and match up to your first 2k spent), but I wouldn’t spend money until you know more about who cares for your music.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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