Facebook Ad Account for client just passed $100k in sales @ 7.48 ROAS – 4 strategies we used to get these results

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    [This Facebook ad account for an ecommerce store reached $100k in sales with over 7x ROAS](https://imgur.com/9plgrhy)


    (Forgot to include the date in the capture, but it’s from like August to end of November)


    Getting results like this with Facebook ads doesn’t happen by accident or by getting lucky – especially at this level of ad spend and for over 10 weeks of running them.


    Here are a few of the strategies that are heavily focused in this ad account that really helped us get these results.


    **1 – Oversimplified ads**

    This helps people understand what the ad is about and quickly determine if it is something for them. If the viewer needs to spend more than 5 seconds to figure out what you are advertising for on social media, then you’ll lose them.


    **2 – Broad (ish) targeting**

    Facebook’s algorithm is becoming more and more intelligent. Ads that try to hyper target people who match 3 levels of demographics and interests is not giving the algorithm enough data to work with in order to optimize. Sometimes the super narrow targeting can work, but usually not for long.


    **3 – Repeat buyer marketing strategy**

    If your product is one that can be purchased multiple times, then this is a very crucial strategy to implement. Often times you’ll hear in YouTube tutorial videos to “exclude buyers” from your ads… but from my experience those are the absolute most profitable audiences to target when done correctly. And if you have a GOOD product with lots of happy customers, when they see your ads again they will leave a comment about their positive experience.


    **4 – Engaging with comments/questions in the ad**

    When someone leaves a comment with a question about the product in an ad, chances are there are many more who have the same question but aren’t speaking up. Having those pressing questions answered for them could be the thing that pushes them over the edge to make that purchase.


    Hope this helps!


    I know this post is very high level and not very tactical, so I’m happy to help clarify anything if needed.


    Could you talk about it more? Vertical/horizontal ads? Etc


    Is this a physical product?


    This is ~$13K in ad spend over 4 months…it is easy to get a high ROAS on a small ad spend amount each month.

    If you spend $100K in ad spend and got 7x ROAS. Then you got something going on.


    Could you please give more details regarding targeting techniques used ? Just a generic idea how you go about targeting cold audience.

    So far I have only had luck on FB with Lookalike and that has its limits when it comes to scaling.


    So a couple things…

    I’ll assuming these are only the positive ROI campaigns? What’s the return on the entire account, including all testing campaigns that ended up failing?

    Also, unless I’m not seeing it in the screen shot, which of these are cold traffic campaigns and which are retargeting?

    Edit: Got rid of an unnecessary rant. My apologies. Follow up question… And more specifics on the targeting or segmentation used?


    You’re getting a $17 CPA for a supplement on FB? Hot damn. Sending DM.


    This is basically Facebook Ads 101. You’d probably do your results more justice if you took the time to do a deep dive into the nuances of your success and tactics. Because there are tons of other people who can the above 4 and still not get results.

    Btw, that’s only $3k adspend/month.


    Are you an agency ? Do you do stuff like app installs ?


    Not sure why you’re getting so many people talking smack. These are amazing results!

    Got a question, was ROAS high right off the bat? Or did you spend time making changes throughout the funnel to achieve this?


    For a brand new e-commerce with with a brand new pixel, would you recommend doing traffic campaign to start? If so, when do you know to switch it to purchase conversions? After so many purchases?


    This is great. Do you have a method for refining ad sets to get better results with time? Like with the product I promote, I can see that certain age ranges respond best / most affordably, so I will turn off the others. Same with placements. Do you do anything like to dial everything in? If so, what exactly?


    How has consistency been with facebook, sometimes the exact same ad has great performance and sometimes it get no results.

    Have you ever dealt with that problem, and how did you fix it?


    There’s information you’re not sharing. Basically, you’re giving the most obvious, broad tips that basically every single marketer will at least test, but claim they give results that are not only better than average but basically doing extremely well. Like yeah dude, if getting 8x roi on physical products was that easy, we’d all be getting 20x roi on here. You’re in a subreddit dedicated to people with 10+ years experience in ads, using split testing with tools. “Oversimplifying your ads” isn’t rocket science, that’s like telling people to tie their shoes to win a marathon


    Are you taking on new clients? Can I shoot you a PM?

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