Facebook Ad account disabled! How long does it take for the account to be evaluated by FB and be put back up?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Facebook Ad account disabled! How long does it take for the account to be evaluated by FB and be put back up?

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    So basically the title. I run ads for clients and some ads in the past had been taken down by Facebook but not recently (for one client). I believe the issue is linked to, to many negative impressions on certain of the ads. The thing is I don’t work with the client anymore and would like to use my account to promote new ads. Should I use their FB ad account in the time being? Has anyone been able to recover a disabled ad account. I’m appealing the ban but it seems to take a lot of time. Thanks


    can take as little as an hour or as long as 48h, assuming you haven’t done anything wrong and facebook agrees with that.


    Ya why not use their account


    Yeah, just appeal saying you won’t repeat the mistake. Ban will be lifted in 1-2 days


    Hi Nic, I worked at Facebook in advertising, as well as remote access tools tech for a few years. I’m a Facebook policy expert and what I can tell you is this: your ad account getting disabled is going to depend on your ad account history, how many previous ads you’ve ad disapproved, if you had ads disapproved for the same reason or different reasons, and your ability to write an appeal that is worded in a way Facebook is receptive to. Most of the time Facebook will not re-enable ad accounts, 95% it’s going to stay disabled. If you clean your funnel of ad policy violations, you have a chance of getting it back, 50/50, but that too depends on your particular history. Going forward, if you want to prevent this happening, feel free to reach out, as I provide prescreen services for some of my clients who run Facebook ads to not guess on what Facebook is going to approve


    not to freak you out, I once had my account disabled for over 3 month.. it was returned back to me with the message “sorry we made a mistake”. Quite stressful if you count on using it for generating business.


    Last week I had my main ad account disabled out of no where. I contacted a rep and they submitted a review on my behalf. 2 days later my account was restored only to have my whole Business manager disabled 24 hours later. I contacted a rep again and they told me to submit a review which i did. 3 hours later, everything was restored again. I deleted the last 2 ads I had running that could have caused this and so far my BM has been OK. The message I received back from fb was that my account and BM were disabled in error.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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