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    I found many expired domains from my competitors and they are very relevant to my website. with a 0% spam score and high DA and PA. Does it help me to rank my website for some competitive keywords?

    I know I need to put the 301 redirect but my questions is

    * Does it help in SEO
    * Is this technique white hat or black hat


    !RemindMe 3 days


    in this case the strange why they have been dropped


    Is there content on the domains, what sort of traffic volumes are we talking?

    If the cost to buy the domain is less that 3 months worth of traffic < leads < sales, then go for it!

    Will it bump SEO long term? No. Will it bump traffic you can monetise? Only you know this… Black hat / Whit hat…. Who cares? If it’s delivering traffic and sales, you win.


    Yeah if they have decent links it’s a big help worked for a SaaS that did this a lot and it was pumping them. If you’re a local business though it’s unlikely that those competitors had enough links to justify the buy though.


    If you’re after increasing traffic and sales, go for it. It does not matter if it’s a white or black hat technique. However, this may not be sustainable in the long haul.


    Whether or not it will provide you with a bump depends 100% on their existing link profile.


    They were left to expire for a reason. And if they have not been registered yet either, that’s also for a reason. Good domains don’t expire. They are picked up before they do.

    If it’s a very niche market, then there’s a chance that they are alright and can be used, but the likelihood is slim.


    That might help for your SEO if you will restore them properly, add some relevant content to them, make a natural and relevant link to your website and it all will get indexed by Google bot. If you will make that accordingly to all those requirements – it’s absoultely white. And why not?

    Those sites are worth of restoring only if – they still have pages in the Index and they have good-quality backlinks. In another case it’s just a waste of time an money. I’d recommend you to choose, buy, and start to work on the one … then analyse and continue working with others.


    In my opinion will help to rank faster and higher


    Are they generic keyword domains? Or specific brand domains?

    Search engines could penalize you.
    Waste of dosh.
    Could be an infringement of competitor trademark.


    Grabbing old domains is never worth the trouble. Maybe 10 years ago Google would have gone for it but these days they don’t give ya much of anything for doing such.


    You can search for the pages which have the highest amount of backlinks (using Ahref tool) and then redirect those pages to your Website.


    Curious, how do you check a spam score for domain not your own?


    It’s called 301 redirected linkbuilding. Zombie site linkbuilding. Wayback Machine site resurrecting.

    It’s all black hat.

    It doesn’t work other than to inflate your DA for link selling.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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