Dummies guide to deindexing WP Media files (gated content)?

Forum White Hat SEO Dummies guide to deindexing WP Media files (gated content)?

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    This feels like a really stupid question but I’m a general marketer and I can’t find an adequate answer online.

    The WordPress website I’m working on has several PDFs that are gated behind a contact form (button links to Media URL). I noticed recently that one of the PDFs was showing in search results, so I requested a removal via Search Console but this is only a temporary removal.

    I use Yoast for indexing usually but it doesn’t display on WordPress Media items. Suggestions online include adding it to Robots.txt but I don’t want to display the Media item’s URL anywhere (needs to be completely inaccessible other than those with a direct link / directed via contact form).

    Any idea on how I can de-index these Media URLs? I’m not too comfortable with adding in code (I have to use the built in Theme Editor as I don’t have server access). I was thinking otherwise I might have to change it so the button downloads the file to your computer rather than opening in a URL.


    Not having access to the server is a pain. Really some simple edits to your [Robots.t](https://Robots.tt)xt file and you would be good to go. See if there is another feature in Yoast that will allow you to de-index specific pages. if you want to try a different SEO plugin, I believe Rank Math allows for that.

    is there anywhere in the media file that you can select de-index?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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