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    I have an acquaintance that is leaving the music industry and deleting all of his social media. He has 10k followers on TikTok and offered to give me the account since we are in the same niche/demographic and I’ve helped him out in the past. He said he would delete all the videos and likes, then give me the email so I can change the username to my stage name.

    I haven’t used TikTok much before so I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not. Can he go through and delete all of his comments too (I don’t want to find out he commented something fishy and be blamed for it)? Will his followers realize that the account has been switched over or is there a way to do it discreetly? What downsides could this have? Thanks in advance for your input!


    Tiktok is all about the face of the brand. If all the videos cleared and then you switched over, it would be really really strange to the viewers and possibly upsetting. They subbed to see one person in particular and his content.


    It seems like a gradual change would be better. Like for you to do a month of collabs (or even more) and then more and more content of just you until it’s all just you. Then switch the name and start deleting comments (if possible) and older videos. Doing it all overnight would be fishy af.


    I would never notice there was a different person there unless it was someone super famous.


    TT is, despite being digital and at a distance, personal. You LIKE the person’s videos and decide to subscribe.

    To the viewer, the fact that your buddy is giving you the account is not much different than if some hacker took over the account and said, “Hey! Same username, so you and I is friends!”

    Not going to happen.

    And, it will kill your brand before you even get going.

    Approach it from a slightly different angle–post a few of your videos, and then have your friend do some duets or testimonials of your material, and explain he is leaving the industry, but his fans may want to check you out.

    Yes, you will lose most of them–but you will also start with some of them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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