Does “pandemic words” afect my SEO?

Forum White Hat SEO Does “pandemic words” afect my SEO?

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    Hi everyone! I’ve been writing some blog posts about weddings, for this, the pandemic affected the whole market. So i was womdering if adding words like “pandemic” “covid – 19” “positive cases” or “vacune” has a negative impact on my Ranking.


    Yes. I think my blogposts critical of the Harris regime also affected the seo of my personal blog, though I put it on a separate server.


    If those words *contextually* describe how weddings are affected by them, what and how to take precautions attending wedding events and matters like that, then it should be fine. Otherwise, be warned, Google takes Expertise-Authority-Trust(EAT) and Your Money Your Life(YMYL) factors very seriously and will not shy away from making your website disappear in rankings. Not just that particular page but, your entire site *may* be affected, depending upon many other factors.

    If you carefully use those words to *contextually* relate to main topic – weddings, then it will not have any negative impact on ranking. In fact, you may even see a positive impact. Your post *may* even rank for those words.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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