Does blogging make sense for local SEO?

Forum White Hat SEO Does blogging make sense for local SEO?

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    I usually do SEO on a national scale, and blogging/building links to those blogs is the meat and potatoes of all of my SEO strategies.

    For national strategies, not only is it effective at link building, but it also can refer purchase-intent traffic that generates leads/sales. (i.e. a blog on “what is [money-keyword] price”)

    For a local company that only has 2 locations in neighboring regions, this doesn’t seem to make as much sense. The national traffic in and of itself means virtually nothing, and the links built/earned would not be localized.

    I know citations & local links are more important, but after building citations through a 3rd party and joining all of the local chambers/visitors bureaus I’m out of ideas for local backlinks.

    Does it make sense to keep blogging and ranking nationally for a local brick and mortar company? In general, what is the best ongoing local SEO strategy? More PR type stuff for local backlinks maybe? Maybe write blog topics that are related to that location?


    In a situation like that I would contact the local newspaper/other business owners who have websites in the local area. Ask them to cross promote.


    Depends on your industry. I do it for real estate and it definitely helps me get business


    Yes, Why not blogging for local SEO? It will help you.
    Here are three reasons for doing blogging for local SEO:
    1. You’ll Create Hyperlocal Content
    2. You’ll Rank for Long-Tail Keywords Specific to Your Area
    3. You will Write About Ongoing, Timely Stuff

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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