Do you target every step in the funnel?

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    Hi everyone. I was thinking about a strategy for a client of mine and wanted to ask you guys what kind of experience you had.

    I am thinking about targeting the earlier steps of the funnel with an informational landingpage to answer specific questions and offer help with the services of my client in addition to the normal ads. Have you tried that already? And if so, what are your experiences there? Did it work or not?

    Thank you for your insights!


    Hell yes. Target each step of the funnel. from increasing traffic to nurturing to conversion to post sales. reach for low hanging fruits and long term plans.

    sorry for being too high level. but hope you got the gist.


    This makes sense but isn’t 100% effective all the time. We often try funnel strategies using retargeting, but it’s all dependant on how much traffic you get to the landing page. If the traffic is too low, retargeting to those users might push up your cost per result


    Targeting each step of the funnel is a better strategy anyday, simple reasons to it. Letting your audiences know you exist without pushing with a strong CTA, and then moving forward you will also have an edge creating a lookalike audience that will improve you CTR and conversions basically.
    This strategy has worked for me like most of the time. (There are always few exceptions).


    No. There will be a lot of work just for a small pool of people.

    Make an ads that will work on everyone on every funnel. You’d want your precious time to revamp your overall strategy and research instead of creating 100 remarketing ideas for small pool of people.


    It depends on your budget. Targeting warmer audiences is always going to be more cost-effective way of advertising. If the budget is small, stick to warmer audiences. Only move towards colder prospects once you have enough money to do it (and you’ve established the funnel for warm prospects).


    Almost always, I never do that. I would consider it if the potential customer / client had little to no information about the service / product.


    Hope it helps


    Here’s how I think about it and what we implement. Take it as you will – every industry product/service is different.

    You’ve got two audiences. People who know about your business, and people who don’t. People who don’t – they need that tofu awareness level content that is created to capture search intent, provide value, identify the source of their pain, etc.

    People that know you – you’ve got to consider these people future customers. So what do they need in order to buy from you. Anything in this stage to me is consideration/decision stage content. To me they serve the same purpose. You’ve got content that will tie their problem to your service, benefit, and value you can bring. Case studies, social proof, webinars that are actionable, etc.

    In anything you create ask what problem this is solving. So to me your idea about a landing page answering questions could go either way. If it is targeted at answering the questions people have that stop them from buying from you, then that really isn’t earlier in the funnel.

    If it is to answer questions that they have about your category or that help them identify their source of painpoints – then yes it is earlier in the funnel. Here I would put a strong upsell to free premium content, ebook, webinar, etc. which then has the cta to buy. Reciprocity

    At this stage it sounds like you are still conceptually figuring out the idea – I’d focus on the hook – then decide the tactic based on your hook

    Hope this is helpful


    Start with conversion objectives. Once you’ve maxed out the pool of immediate buyers that are available on that objective (usually thousands of dollars per day), then you can work on targeting higher level objectives like consideration and brand awareness.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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