Do you have to have your blog posts under, or is fine?

Forum White Hat SEO Do you have to have your blog posts under, or is fine?

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    Because you lose authority the longer the page is from the root, wouldn’t it make sense to have all posts and pages on the root?

    Is there a benefit of having your posts under domain/blog/post instead of under domain/post?

    According to what I’ve read having posts in a subdirectory would hurt SEO, so why do it?

    I’m also wondering about this because I need to pay for PolyLang Pro ($99) to be able to do this for a multi-lingual site.

    I’m planning to make as many posts as I can in three different languages, and make landing pages as well, if that helps.

    Thanks a lot.


    You do not lose authority the further a page is from the root in the url. It matters how far a page is in links from the homepage (or other high traffic backlinked landing page). You can put it at the root, but that has no benefit and will make analytics a pain in most set ups.


    Focus more on the quality of the post


    It is not certain but some SEO experts advise to “help” Google figure out what is your page and having a blog prefix before your blog post could help.

    If it is not too much hustle I suggest that you do it.

    I have it set that way on my website.


    I don’t use /blog. I use /category


    or something like that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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