Do cleaning companies in Riyadh need social media for marketing?

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    I am planning to start my cleaning company in KSA, but I am confused about which social media platforms should in use for marketing. Home Sanitization services in Riyadh are quite common these days so the competition tough. Need your suggestion!


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    Look into what your competitors are doing and what they have?


    Make a spreadsheet, put every single competitor down, look at any interesting marketing ideas they are using and record them, look at what social media platforms they have and how actively they update them, etc. etc.

    Frankly, this is a pretty specialized question (asking specifically about social media usage and consumer habits in KSA), it might be too narrow for this sub.


    Hey I’m in Dubai and cleaning and sanitization companies are heavily advertising on IG. ( ads, influencers promoted posts, sponsored content)… I would say definitely push the IG account and try some influencer collaborations to generate content for your channel (of course depending on your budget). Good luck!


    No social media platform will ever beat word of mouth and door to door pitch in person or over the phone. Good luck with your business!!


    I don’t think you need to go heavy on time spent on your social media, but putting in a few minutes a day will do wonders for your biz over time.

    You’re looking for hyperlocal customers, so I would probably start my focus on Facebook and Instagram. I don’t necessarily like these platforms for social media marketing, it’s just that your potential customers will be easiest to find there.

    All you need to really do is post every so often of the completed work you’ve done, or a client testimonial. Perhaps once in awhile share specific articles about home cleaning and why someone might want it. Don’t worry about going viral. Don’t worry about trying to make your social media pages blow up. All you really need to do is make sure your biz info is updated, play around in the local Facebook groups and local Instagram hashtags. You want people searching for local cleaning to find you. With a cleaning service, you don’t really need to constantly push and spam.


    Social media is always a good medium to tell people that your are also into the game.


    WhatsApp maybe as well. I know you can have a business page on WhatsApp


    Couple things to think about:

    1. Do you have the ad budget to compete against your competitors?
    2. If no, than you need to think about the time investment you want to spend reaching out to prospective customers via social networks to let them know you exist (we would call this direct message campaign in-line with lead generation to fuel sales efforts)
    3. Based on how much time you have in a day to invest here, choose the channel that your target market is MOST LIKELY on and has THE HIGHEST CHANCE of responding. EXAMPLE: If you’re buyer is in business, and is a high income earner – they might be on Linkedin. (you know your country and target audience – so match the channel to that)
    4. Keep a lean content strategy – a photo of a recent job completed or a quick clean tip of the day is a great thought starter just to keep you visible

    Hope this helps!!


    You may not have to do social media marketing to survive, but not utilizing social media marketing Is going to result in you leaving a lot of money on the table for your competitors to grab out from under you.A good social media program will create a lot of name recognition and drive pre-loyal customers to your shop.

    Additionally, if you set it up correctly, your social media marketing well actually generate income in and of itself while driving traditional customers to your shop.You



    I just googled and saw that 99% of people are using social media and the most ones are FB, Twitter, and YouTube. Then I would for sure go with treating FB and Twitter accounts and collaborate with YouTubers.

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