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    Google reps are calling me telling me I need to get the “Optimization score” higher for the accounts I manage.

    My colleague at an agency only uses the “recommendations” section as a guide for accounts now.

    The part that makes no sense to me is, just by DISMISSING the recommendations, magically, the score improves.

    (Not to mention most “recommendations” are changing things for more automation and less actual control.)

    Now some clients are asking me about it. Why is it not 100%? That must mean something is wrong, right?

    I find it incredibly deceptive and downright deceitful to use the phrase “Optimization Score” – anyone else?

    Plus the fact that a colleague of mine, someone who works for PPC, believes in it, is another kind of wacky…

    What am I missing? How is this okay?


    Just dismiss the recommendations if that’s what the client wants. I too like looking at those to see optimization ideas.

    Keyword suggestions suck, so sometimes there actually are good ideas for negatives.


    Google is super shady. Best not to do business with them at all.


    To any marketing agency, Google is basically a frenemy. They don’t have your (or your clients’) best interest in mind, but you still need their tools.

    I would just explain to the client that the optimization score is meaningless, and generally meant to make you spend more (like 99% of Google’s recommendations). Tell him that you’re not in Google’s pocket, and are only interested in getting him more leads at the best price.




    Just another stick from Google to drive everyone towards their end goals.


    Google reps are rating during their internal performance reviews on the average “optimization score” for all of their clients. Higher scores help them when it comes bonus time as well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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