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    Out of everyone who has recently been having trouble with the Search Console’s “Discovered – Not Currently Indexed” problem; how many of you are using AI content to generate articles?

    It would be great to see if there is a correlation between those getting indexing errors and those that are publishing articles that have been written by AI like GPT-3.

    Thanks everyone.


    I’ve not been using AI for any content creation.


    “Discovered – Not Currently Indexed” may be not due to AI generated content, it happens from time to time. But to place AI gen content on your site is a bad idea


    I have not used any AI ever for content creation and indexing issues are there even with big bloggers in my industry.


    I have profile pages on sites like behance and many other equally powerful sites that won’t get indexed. It definitely isn’t something I have seen before.

    Also, newly created site, 100% manual work, quality posts with images, headers … etc you name it, that won’t get crawled no matter what I do.

    Discovered – currently not indexed issue in GSC .. when inspecting individual pages, I can see that last crawl >> N/A

    Which seems to suggest that google won’t even crawl the site. Hence it is not quality issue or AI generated content issue, or that google is seeing those pages and deciding not to index them, the issue seems that google won’t even go to see these pages.

    I am leaning more and more towards a bug in google’s crawler scenario, or something along these lines.


    I would doubt there’s any correlation. GPT-3 is too far advanced for anyone to distinguish AI from human.

    Also curious as to how you were able to get access to the GPT-3 model. From what I know OpenAI are pretty restrictive about giving access for SEO article generation platforms. Are you running your own model or using a third party site?


    Is this content that you review and post through a CMS or is it being automatically injected somehow through the content Gen software?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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