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    Hi so I have this Paragliding page where I post flying videos or photos, it’s currently at just under 1.8k followers which is great but I only get about 250 likes Average and 1 of 2 comments at best (My Engagement percent is only 14%) is there something obvious that I’m doing wrong?


    250 likes for a page with only 1,800 followers seems pretty good to me. As far as the comments trying asking questions in your captions that your followers will feel compelled to answer.


    Engagement rate actually is pretty good, but comments could be higher. Posing questions or having people tag friends in the comments can be a good way to drive up those numbers.

    You can also encourage followers to comment on your latest post through IG stories. Prompting a question on your stories is a great way to generate some additional buzz


    That’s a super high engagement rate, but based on what you said, I’d guess a majority of your likes are coming from hashtags and not your followers. Amirite?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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