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    I’m considering using Data Studio for monthly reporting rather than SEM Rush which I use at the moment.
    My main areas of report are impressions, traffic, conversions & keyword rank

    Any advice or feedback before I make the change?
    At present my reports are emailed monthly I just comment on them, is this the case for DS?


    Data Studio only imports metrics from 3rd party sources. Semrush gives you rankings for keywords you’re tracking, Data Studio won’t do this.

    You’ll be importing search console and Analytics data into Data Studio – so keyword rankings will be Search Console data.

    Data Studio can also send automated reports.


    I use Data Studio. I’ll do a CSV file and export of my KW data from Mangools and import it along with GSC data into Studio.

    Helps to write some scripts to automate the process, but as long as you have some kind of structured data in CSV you should be able to pull it in.


    You can use the SEM Rush rank tracking connector.


    Make sure your traffic is coming from Google Adwords and not something like GSC or SEMRush. I’ve used Data Studio for reporting for a while now.


    How you guys are able to use gsc dataset in data studio?

    I’ve tried to get CTR and positions using landing pages filters, I get clicks and impressions right but Positions and CTR are not equal or very off compare to the same setup in GSC

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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