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    Am I the only one? I am able to only add 1 audience and then any other audiences are not being found. I see the little blue circle but that’s it. No audiences. Have had the issue since yesterday. Super annoying. (Excluding audiences = same issue. No audiences being found)

    Edit: it took me 8 min to be able to find other audiences. Since I have 4 or 5 more to add, it’s going to be an interesting night! 8 min PER audience. (Sunday night)


    Got me? I’ve had issues where I can’t see them to select, but as I manually type in the name(s) of them they will appear.


    Happenned to me a few days ago too.


    Same has been happening to me for days.


    I was having a slightly different issue where I couldn’t select any custom audience without being told I was being rate-limited. FB support was useless, but today I can finally use them again.


    It sounds as though you have created an audience while signed in as another account, therefore the audience is saved in that alias.


    Some of our clients have had to wait for Shared Audience terms to be accepted (we think for newer accounts) but assuming you’re talking about just the CA workflow?


    DUDE. I’m in the same boat. i need help lol


    Having the same issue. Extremely annoying, hope this gets fixed asap.


    Is anyone still having this issue? I am unable to add or edit any audiences to my ads, existing or new.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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