Curious if anyone has a process for finding remote positions in SEO?

Forum White Hat SEO Curious if anyone has a process for finding remote positions in SEO?

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    Hey guys

    I’m curious if anyone has found work for either part time or less (10-30 per week) consistently online? I am an SEO, SEO content writer, and I build websites. Income from upwork has been the biggest for me but it’s not consistent enough. I’m open to white label, taking an seo analyst job writing metas, kw research, or performing the tedious tasks that full-time SEOs hate. As long has it’s remote and part-time.

    I’ve been looking at the traditional sites such as indeed, zipcruiter, etc with no luck.

    I’d love to hear of anyone else having trouble or even success in a similar situation.

    Thanks for reading 🙂


    I am facing the same problem.


    Man get in SEO Facebook groups and slack channels then and let people know. There’s crazy work going rn. I’m hiring for basically the same thing but I’m looking for long term full-time options.


    Most clients on sites like Upwork etc. can’t pay enough and it’s not worth your time if you’re actually a legitimate SEO expert with data to prove it.

    I’ve gotten good consulting work through my network and don’t waste time on any of those sites. Not really seeking work but if it comes I’m open to it.

    I’d recommend building out your professional network first. Maybe hop on Lunchclub.


    I have found that with covid and everything going offline there are a lot of companies looking for remote workers, and that has opened the door for people from all over the world. A recruiter friend I have said that they used to get 0-10 applications when it was partial remote partial in office because the people had to live close enough. Now that it is all remote it isn’t unusual to get 400+ applications from all over the world. Many of them are trash and point to their fiverr gigs etc, but just gives you an idea how online jobs are really going worldwide and it is harder for people who used to have a geo advantage now that there are so many full remote jobs.


    Search quality rater. They’re always hiring.




    Pm me and send me your resume. Was about to hire for this.


    Use these websites for finding remote work:

    remoters .net/jobs (you might find good SEO positions here)

    remotive .io

    remoteok .com

    remote .co/remote-jobs

    dailyremote .com

    dynamitejobs .com

    weworkremotely .com


    I suggest you should join Facebook digital marketing and SEO groups, also create good profile on Linkedin to get remote as well part-time jobs easily


    DM me about your rates and something you’ve written before. My company is hiring part time remote independent contractors


    We could use your services! DM me.


    I gained a lot from this discussion. I will search for an SEO content writing position.


    LinkedIn #1.


    Currently hiring a Sr. SEO. DM me

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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