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    What’s your best response to a client who is concerned that they aren’t seeing any of the current banner ads that we’re running?

    I run short burst campaigns for specific brands supplied by the company as well as brand banners to the website. The client says he is still seeing the “old block / product style ads”, which I had a bit of a laugh about because it’s the Smart Shopping campaign that’s driving them most of their revenue.

    Any top replies or suggested way I should reply to him?


    Every once in a while a client will have some sort of stakeholder who does not entirely understand the nuances of PPC, and will be really concerned with the absence of their favorite banner ads on their favorite sports news website.

    With one of our largest clients (a Fortune 500 company) the C-suite was so concerned about not seeing their own banner display ads that their marketing head actually gave us their home office addresses and asked us to set up a specialized bid-adjusted campaign just for them…because no matter how many reports could be shown about how banner ads were driving literally 0% of sales for them, sometimes you just can’t educate.

    However, that strategy is a bit absurd, and *most* clients will be able (and *want*) to be educated. Thankfully most of our clients are smaller or medium size and we have discussions directly with the owner or at minimum their marketing lead. In most cases we can show them campaigns broken out by reach, ROI, overall cost, etc and after a brief discussion you can pretty much convince anyone that you’re focusing on what needs to be done.

    In your case: I would create a brief yet detailed report showing that those “old block style ads” are actually driving most revenue, and suggest that if they want more branding/awareness then they could approve a budget increase for a display campaign?


    “Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

    Can you prove that fact to him? If your campaign generates results, you’ll have data to back it up. “We don’t run ads so that you can see them every time you go to your favourite websites. We run ads so *your customers* see them when they’re ready to consider a purchase. Here’s the revenue, views, and clicks over the past 90 days…”

    If you can’t prove your impact, that’s a problem regardless. But surely you’ll have some numbers you can report to say, “your ads are running and people are seeing them”.


    I effing hate clients like that. I won’t even work with those micro-managing types anymore unless I absolutely have to. These days I am so busy that I can be a bit more picky who I work with.

    I think as long as the numbers continue to improve (more conversions, higher CTRs, lower CPAs, stable or higher ROAS, month-over-month), then clients should back off and let you do your work. But some just insist on wasting your time with pointless things like yours is.

    Edit: If he is really that concerned about it, find out the head office zip code and create a campaign only targeting that one zip code at a low daily budget.


    Tell them Google’s AI will have learnt to not show the ads to them 🤷‍♂️

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