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    I have a client who was advised to setup a multi-store on their Magento site. Each store is identical, however one is on the domain and one is for .com

    When I raised the issue of identical content with their current developer, they informed me that they’re using canonical URLs to avoid the duplicate content issue. However, I was under the impression that it basically requires you to pick one “parent” site and use the tags to tell Google only to index one of them for search results.

    When I look at the tags they’ve got, the .com site has canonical tags for .com pages and the has tags for pages. Is that right, or should the tags be pointing the same slug on one of the domain suffixes?

    Personally, I’ve advised that multi-store is the wrong choice for them anyway, as they don’t have anything to target specific demographics, the pricing and currency is set at account level in their CMS before they’re granted access to buy and the whole thing seems like a money-grab from their developers to charge for extra work. Any clarification appreciated!


    Is the targeting people in the UK and the .com targeting people somewhere else like the USA?

    If so, you need HREFlang tags and the canonical tags should be set as described. If you don’t have the HREFlang tags set correctly this will be a hot mess of duplicate content.


    *Canonical URLs* refer to HTML link elements with the attribute of rel=”canonical” … SEO is important for every website, and an online *store* is no exception … In other words, if you have a web page accessible by *multiple* URLs

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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