Can someone explain backlinks to me? Is it pasting your website or webpage link to another website? How is it done properly?

Forum White Hat SEO Can someone explain backlinks to me? Is it pasting your website or webpage link to another website? How is it done properly?

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    Does it count if you paste your link to a social media platform or forums? For example, if I paste a link to my website or webpage to a relevant post on Reddit, will it count as a backlink too?


    Backlinks are, in theory, when other websites like your content so much that they link to your website. That’s the reasoning behind them

    Many social media platforms place a rel=“nofollow” attribute on links which makes them useless for counting for backlinks

    The quality of backlinks also matters. If they come from sites that have the sole purpose of providing backlinks, then they may not help or even hurt. You may find this for some paid “backlinks” services if they’re a bit sketchy IMHO

    The best way to get high quality backlinks is to write *content* that other people care about and want to link to. You can create new content, OR you can find existing content (such as a guide) and write an improved or better version; if you do this though, you will want to link at the bottom to the original source as a reference.

    Once you have good content like that, you can also email blogs or sites that link to other sites and suggest your content as something useful to place on their site.
    You can also use tools to find broken links on sites like this and suggest your content as a replacement.
    There are tools for all of this. A few are and


    You linking out is an outbound link. While its true that social media and lots of sites are no follow those links still have quite a bit of value. And while linking sites can certainly be bad it’s also not a 100% accurate statement. Citations are primarily from sites that mostly link out and they are pretty valuable links. There are tons of blog sites that exist to sell links that do have power and can help your site. Just as many of them are terrible.

    My rule of thumb is if I interact with the site in real life and there is a place to stick my link I do. So my Amazon profile, microsoft, IBM and reddit all have links in my profile. You should have social media set up to link to your site. It can both drive traffic and provide valuable links. For example twitter nofollows all links but it’s a better way to get a link indexed than the indexing services.

    Evaluate every site. If it’s a super spammy site dont get a link from it. If it’s a site Google trusts then it’s likely worth it. Do not buy links on fiverr that will more than likely hurt you. But if you are generating good content then you should absolutely bookmark it at bookmarking sites like pearl trees, folkd and so on.


    I will agree with content. Have one now. Similar site and reached out. Good luck.

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