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    Hi All

    We are a long term house renting platform in Amsterdam.

    We have been experimenting with Google ads for the last week.

    Our CTR is around 2.5%. Can this be further improved even though we operate in a very competitive landscape – there are more than 10 different rental platforms advertising?

    All keywords (eg apartment rent amsterdam) are also used by many others. We try to be creative with the text but it also reaches a limit given that renting an apartment is no inspirational thing but a hassle that happens once a year at best. So people tend to go for the most simple keywords.

    How can we improve our ctr and hence the quality ranking in a crowded market like this?

    Any thoughts on this?


    Yes CTR can be improved via targeting, bid modifiers, location modifiers/relevancy to location, RLSA campaigns, ad copy refresh, dynamic ads, branded search i.e. testing. What’s your search impression share?


    1) Check your position – higher position is higher CTR; 2) Test different ad variants – from conservative pros and profits to creative and personal appeals

    Also high CTR is not always means good. You’d want to get high CTR for long-tail and brand keywords but generic ones lead to a huge amount of low quality traffic. You definitely don’t want to pay for informational requests


    You can. As with everything else, you just have to be better then your competitors and eliminate irrelevant traffic.


    All things being equal and if you have a great site and landing page, look at writing better ad copy. Have your ad copy stand out from the competition. Even if you don’t improve your CTR, you can write better ad copy that gets people to convert at a higher convertion rate, while still having the same CTR.

    When I lived in London and worked for a competitor handy, which lets you book a cleaner for your place. We found putting our fees (£10/hour) in ad copy made it standout and improved our CTR and sales. We also found talking about saving people time was another winner. People will gladly pay money to get more time back in their day, especially for a chore they don’t enjoy.


    Quality ranking? Do you mean quality score? There is more to quality score than just CTR. You can have great CTR with horrible relevance and bad user experience and you’ll get a bad quality score.

    You need to optimize your ads in a way that let’s it stand out without misleading people and gives people what they are looking for on the landing page.


    Absolutely yes


    The ad is the only part of the account the end user actually interacts with, so improving ad content CTR improves account level CTR.

    Of course, the quickest way to improve CTR is to limit reach. Your goal is to accrue as many impressions as possible, so you can find the limited number of people who may actually become tenants. So optimizing for CTR alone is actually counter to your ultimate goal.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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