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    Are there any genuine reliable and honest backlinks makers or is it all garbage that will go away pretty quickly? Like I’m willing to buy a higher price for people that are willing to actually do proper research of directories and websites that can get good backlinks because I don’t want my money to just be wasted once the algorithm changes. I might to it myself, but tbh would be keen if something was genuine.


    SEO generally requires a consistent investment like any other marketing. I get the feel from your post that you want to invest a bit of money and have everlasting results.


    If you are willing to pay good money for links, go with SEO agencies that offer Content Marketing or Digital PR.


    If the website is approaching you selling backinks, talking about how great their DA is, or are selling links from Amazon, chances are its a scam. What a lot of these people do is buy expired domains that already accumulated DA then populate them with spun content.

    Always ignore these fools.

    If you want to buy real link, Google your main keywords, find sites already doing well in your niche (thus already making money without selling links) and ask them for links or a blog post.

    Its also better meeting people in your industry rather than these link selling idiots because you network with useful people.


    best backlinks will be through outreach to sites that are in a similar niche


    Don’t ever buy backlinks from any company. I once bought from SEO Store I guess and that was all garbage!


    There is nothing wrong with buying links if done right. The best links you can buy are the ones where you do the outreach to a site you want a link from and negotiate the exchange.

    Link sellers are generally garbage and definitely avoid anyone selling links based on DA. They are either incompetent or a scammer.


    Don’t buy a links with unknown DA. Spend your f****** time doing the job yourself and you’ll be a okay.

    1 takedown in your DNA is affected


    You have to buy them directly from Google.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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