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    Terms like “family lawyer [city]” and “drink driving lawyer [city] convert very well.

    We have keywords set up for “[city] lawyer” and it doesn’t convert as well.

    Given clicks in the legal space are a lot, does it make sense to turn this ad group off? Missing out on potential lucrative jobs yes, but this cripples ROI. I suspect it’s because you cannot craft a proper landing page because their needs could be anything with a term so broad


    I think you also need to keep in mind exactly how many areas of litigation exist. Depending on your keyword match types and negative usage, you could be landing on a lot more than you’re expecting to very easily with an ad group like you’ve described. On top of that, every user searching the short-tailed lawyer terms also has a specific need in mind and won’t be converting if your attorney can’t help them or has no site content about their case.

    Playing in the “vague” pools of searches is inevitably going to lead to lower conversion rates, the goal is to ensure the traffic is still cost effective. Ideally you’d want to pay less for it, if you dabble there at all.


    I do injury campaigns and unlike any other industry broad match terms work well and there’s super low volume behind exact match. At least covering in a midwestern state. This may be different in major metro areas.

    If you do family law or different variations of criminal defense like drunk driving then bid on those terms. (City Name + Lawyer) will likely be waste just like bidding on “sneaker” for a running shoe store will be waste.


    What types of law does the firm practice? Or, if they have a broad scope, what do they *want* to focus on? With so many specialized areas of law, that sort of broad targeting erodes budget quickly. No good generating a lead from that keyword if that keyword already has a bloated CPA, even worse if that lead’s not something the firm is particularly interested in or equipped to handle.

    If your landing pages/site are decent, DSAs are a better way to mine for new keywords while still driving some quality traffic (assuming you watch ’em, apply tons of negative keywords – though you should already be doing that, and set usable targets for the campaign)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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