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    Curious if anyone has had a discussion with their clients about the Facebook/Instagram ad boycott for the month of July. Awkward timing but one client of mine thatjust wrapped a video a few days ago and is curious about boosting (they’re a charity). But as a charity they’re also concerted about aligning themselves with the right group, understandably so. Ultimately, they will wait to pay for anything until August.

    Just curious if anyone else has had similar conversations or thoughts!

    EDIT: Thanks, all! One client boosted something for the last day of June and then calling it quits, just like the rest (for July). I saw Ben & Jerry’s is not paying for ads until further notice, another company cut their overall budget by 1/3, and more groups seems to have signed on with the boycott. Very interesting to see how this plays out in society and for organic traffic.


    Out of four clients two have paused, one is retail tied to the 4th so that’s still a go and the fourth hasn’t responded.


    I’ve been discussing it with all of my clients. A lot of them have agreed to pausing media but really only for July 7th which is the proposed black-out day. I agree with goal of it and everything and personally I would push for it, but I also have to put my feelings aside because I realize that a lot of my accounts have been down on sales because of COVID and now that restaurants and other things are starting to pick back up, I see it being hard from a business standpoint to not advertise at all when you’re trying to get people in your doors. So I’m a little torn but overall happy that we’re at least taking one day off for a few of the accounts.


    My two health clients are pausing their spend on FB in July – probably totaling ~$76K total.


    Pausing paid media through the end of July.


    I have gotten so pissed off at my ad’s being front of my face (and with thing I PAY FOR) I will literally go out of my way to avoid the companies that I see ads for and especially the product I see ad for. I saw an ad for a product I thought I would like and my first thought was well sht now I can’t try that.

    But to be honest I didn’t know about this all social media blackout thing and if just naturally develop this resentment towards ads and anything that’s plus sold to me. However to be honest everybody talking about it and planning it for just July is just showing these social media Giants that “look you just don’t get money for one month” and it’s really the only the quarters that matter. Kind of like when everybody was boycotting the high gas prices for one day but flooding the gas stores the day before and after.


    Welp, looks like we are going to be in the minority here, but we are actually encouraging our clients to step it up during this time. Its about as cheap as its been in a long time with people pulling out and the audience is still there. Read up on the companies who performed exceptionally well post-depression/post-recession and they all advertised heavily throughout. Combine that with the ability to pay below-market rates for ads and it makes an exceptional time to gain market share in your industry.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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