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    Hi all I wanted to get your opinion on a client project I have and see if I can get any advice on how to grow his audience.

    Think of like a young Garyvee/David Goggins styled motivator. We’re currently sitting on around 250 IG followers, same with Facebook and we are using a Wix website that hosts some of his content.

    His IG is: doctordancraig

    The long term goal is to host live events and engage audiences through the social media channels. I am doing my best with the footage I have, which is mostly vlog styled snippets of wisdom that he sends to me and I’ll chop it up with music etc.

    I am trying to grow the organic reach with his socials but it’s taking quite a while. He also is looking for pushing more ads but I’m not sure if its the right time.

    Do you have any tips as to getting more followers? e.g. any other platforms or methods to organically reach people. Any tips about running ads would also be great, I have run some ads through FB a couple of times and have done alright but I would like to focus on organic first.



    You’re asking a lot of questions here and this doesn’t answer any of them but I would focus on SEO and sales, cold calling people who book public speakers in whatever niche he’s in. Growing a social media presence just for the sake of it doesn’t accomplish any tangible business goals. Also, while not impossible, organic is, generally speaking, dead on most platforms.


    Get his name out there through collaborations. Does he have a YouTube channel? See if there are other big Youtubers in his area of expertise that would do a collab video.

    Otherwise the usual channels are all strong candidates. Just grow organically for the time being.


    I’ve worked with a lot of these and been called myself one over the years. The best advice I could give you is to productiZe his knowledge ASAP. Speaking is one facet of being a thought leader. There are courses, books, social media, licensing, etc. Anybody that focuses on just speaking will be hungry most of the time. Once you turn his knowledge into other assets the social media becomes easier because you have more to talk about.


    Check out garyv’s content making process

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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