Best tool (free or paid) for checking website estimated monthly traffic?

Forum White Hat SEO Best tool (free or paid) for checking website estimated monthly traffic?

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    I remember Google Adwords or Alexa used to have this about a decade ago – but not quite able to find it anymore.

    Is there a current “Gold Standard” per say in tracking estimated monthly website traffic? Which one is the most accurate?


    I like to use Spyfu.




    The best free Tools used for the checking website estimate are:-

    >>**SEMrush:-** It will provide the number of visitors, visit duration, the average number of pages visited per visit, and also can see the device used by the visitor, traffic source.

    >>**Similar web:-** it shows the country from where the main source of traffic is coming. You can see the number of visitors and the average page visited by the visitors. You can also see the referral sites, top 5 countries from where the traffic is coming from, traffic sources.

    >>**Alexa:-** It’s a very popular traffic checker. It will show the referral sites, traffic source. For getting the information about the traffic source from which you have to go for the paid tool of Alexa.

    >>**Website Traffic Value:-** It provides different stats of the website. It will show the global rank of the website and the website worth. It provides the daily, monthly, yearly report of the number of visitors, page views, and Ad revenue.


    I have never really understood how/why people reply on 3rd parties for traffic studies; when all the info you need – better than any 3rd party could guestimate – is on the server in the log files, and for free. Even using AWStats will give you all the detail you need to see what traffic actually (and honestly) came to the site and what they did there. From the potential charts & graphs you can guestimate with the best.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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