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    I’ve got a website ranking on the first page for a couple keywords I’m targeting and I’ve noticed some other keywords increasing in the ranks as well. Does anyone have an opinion on when the best time is to invest in backlinks? Is it worth investing in backlinks if your on-page and technical SEO is still not 100% complete and/or still needs polishing?


    I would always make sure the tech side of my SEO is at least great, before doing any content/links.


    However, when that’s done you can do both but what I usually do, which makes great sense for me, is to actually create the content AFTER my initial link prospecting.


    The reason for this is that I know for the vast majority of my keywords, that I would need links to even rank top 10 and I therefor want to run some link building campaigns for it.

    So instead of writing an article and try to force a link building campaign, I reverse it by prospecting link opportunities for my target keyword and thereafter create content that makes it easier for me to land the link.


    Hope it helps.


    When you say “invest in backlinks” what is it that you mean?

    Great content should have been happening since moment one. Outreach should have been happening since moment one. Ownership and collaboration should have been on your radar since moment one. The fact that you are increasing in ranks means you are building backlinks naturally, or that your content will soon be, because it’s better than average.

    I can appreciate the fervor for backlinks, I really can. But at some point in the future, SEO won’t be a thing. And… what then? The best practice: IS the BEST PRACTICES.


    when will Google et al, start to look at the “reputable” sites and say: “man, the reputable sites are only promoting other sites that don’t optimize our revenue throughput, we need to start indexing less reputable sites and recognize their link juice too or we will stop increasing our bottom line year over year.”

    At some point, the ecosystem of what constitutes a top site, has to move beyond .EDU and .GOV and multi-billion dollar advertising budget media companies.

    I’d say start building that roadmap for brand-building. That’s the future, and take what you can get from the merits of your hard work re: backlinks and appropriate outreach/collaboration with respectable people in your space.

    Please tell me more about this plan to “invest in backlinks” though, I am non-sarcastically interested.


    Finding the great topic which can drive the most conversion with rankable competition, will be the first step to going to the next level, make sure to create for your technical seo and on page seo is great. Then, create high quality content and make that page your “POWER PAGE” and start building links for that page.

    If it makes to the top rankings, make sure to use the internal linking to get the link juice to other relevant topics which have chances to rank.

    If you focus on getting one good topic ranked and use interna linking greatly, your whole site will start ranking with less effort.


    If your website is ranking on first page for a couple of keywords, you may want to focus on writing more quality content. Sure, backlinks will increase your domain authority and boost referral traffic but the more focus you put on creating awesome content, greater the chance you get natural backlinks.

    Plus, paid backlinks fall in grey-hat category, they may easily slip into black-hat if done incorrectly.

    TL;DR Invest in content for now, may be backlinks later on.


    Totally depends on the keyword you choose. If your keywords are unique or have low competition then they will be rank easily without backlinks.

    If your keywords are common (same keyword used by many competitors) and the competition is high then you need to focus on backlinks.

    Without good on page (content and technical), you cannot rank on search engines especially Bing.

    The reason being first google crawl your site and during crawling google understand the content of your website and figure what your website all about and what purpose it serves to the user.

    1. If the content explains everything
    2. proper use of LSI
    3. If you make the intent clear through content and schema mark up then google will index your website on the desired keywords
    4. If that keyword have a low competition and other competitor doesn’t optimize the keyword properly as you did, you may also get rank on that keyword.

    But still, I prefer to create backlinks on relevant websites (related to your niche and business) so your position remains intact.

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