Best strategies for bumping your 8 to 15 rankers to the top?

Forum White Hat SEO Best strategies for bumping your 8 to 15 rankers to the top?

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    So I have a dropshipping site and been trying to get a couple of pages to the top! Optimise content, add back links , add more back links, try some microworkers.


    Hey, I really can’t contribute much here but I’m interested in hearing various takes are.
    I would imagine comparing your content verses the pages in 1-7 and then increasing and elaborating to make your pages better.
    Analyze competitors links and work to add more to your pages.
    Google CWV – ensure your pages are all within the same rankings as those in spots 1-7 (maybe even aim to be better).

    There’s obviously a lot more to look at but I would start with those few things. Gotta pick that low hanging fruit.

    My real question might be better suited for a PM but I’m interested in finding out how you do, or got into drop shipping. I have net sales of around 20k to 50k per month from amazon as an affiliate but it’s such a low percentage its disheartening. I know I could be earning more and providing a better service to my sites visitors. Let me know if you don’t mind me inquiring about how you got things setup.


    It can be worth looking at your internal linking structure also. Do you have links pointing to these pages from other powerful pages on your site, with the correct anchor text?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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