Best practices for blogging on different topics (same or different domains)?

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    I am a software developer interested in a variety of areas (web development, computer graphics algorithms, machine learning, etc). For each of these topics I have several stubs of planned blog articles. Today I decided to start blogging and put them on the internet. There’s a catch: the intersections between these audiences are small (e.g. few web developers are also interested in low-level computer graphics stuff, and vice-versa).

    My question: what is the best way to approach this?

    – If I post all articles on the same website/domain, I get benefits like increasing domain authority for all of them simultaneously, and exposing more content to people interested in different areas.
    – If I use different domains for different topics, the blogs will be more focused (I personally prefer this when reading other blogs) and will probably be more relevant to their keywords (which probably leads to higher ranking?)

    My primary goal is networking and self-promotion in each of these areas, and potentially building mailing lists to connect with people interested in my future projects.

    As you can see, both approaches have their upsides. I may be wrong in some points, though, because I have zero experience with SEO.

    What would you recommend to do in this situation?



    I don’t think those topics are too broad to need their own sites at all. I’d be interested to read about all 3. When I read the title I though you were going to propose totally different niches on the same website. But that’s not the case. It’s not like you have a website on running shoes and you wanted to review dentists on the same site! Blogs like wordpress have category pages and I think you could use a different category page for each topic you’re proposing.

    I looked at engadget recently and they had an article on an electric car and then a few weeks later the latest graphics card! Totally different niches but still about technology. I think the advantages of having the same site for your topics win out. Just think of all the work for 3 different websites.


    I have an article / video I recently put together on this, which I can pm you if interested.

    It’s not exactly the same but covers my take on dealing with topics for different audiences (but about the same broad subject area) on one site vs multiple. Lmk if interested 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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