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    There are those who write about their family and parenting, there are those who share about their careers, and many others who share interesting stories and ideas based on their own personal lives and interests. A lifestyle blog is like a personal journal of sorts. content you see shared on [lifestyle blogs]( is what people feel is meaningful to them, and is not what’s commonly seen in mainstream society. Interesting parts are those personal stories and ideas that people feel strongly about and that is reflected in the content.

    A few good examples of lifestyle blogs are:: This is one of the best lifestyle blogs out there.

    1.Life in a Day

    2. My Adventures in Life

    3, Travel Blog:

    With all that being said, a lifestyle blog is the best type of blog to make money with, it is a good way to share content, ideas, and people feel strongly about. The best blog monetizing tool is Google AdSense. However, as mentioned above, some people don’t like Google AdSense, and they also don’t feel that it is fair, but it is something that people have to use. So if you find a tool that you feel is fair, be my guest.

    1. Selling ad space: This is one of the best methods I have seen of making money with a blog, and I have looked a lot. However, I have found that people are not interested in advertising space as much as they are interested in writing original content. I don’t know why this is.

    2. Pledges: This is another great method for making money with a blog. It involves people pledging money to sign up and return the blog. This means if someone pledges $100 they will not sign up unless they read at least 7 posts, and then they will return the blog. If someone signs up expecting to get a free sign up bonus, they will not return unless they see quality content on the blog.

    3. Sponsored reviews: This is another great way for bloggers to earn revenue. There are many companies out there that want to sponsor your posts that pay you a commission from the sales. One of the best sites for finding sponsors is Text Link Ad.

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