Benefits of including my brand in every title tag?

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    So I was wandering if it’s necesary to have my business name in every tittle tag. Would there be some benefits I’m not aware of? Because right now I use the title tag just as what the page is about E.G Hong kong plumbers, plumbing and hot water services.


    I only include the brand in the title of the home page. Otherwise, I prefer to target a 2nd keyword and if you put the brand everywhere, you miss that opportunity. Also your domain is typically the brand name, so it’s redundant to put it in every title.

    So in most cases it would be like this :

    Plumber Services in City, State | Hot Water Services


    Once Google recognizes you as a brand they often automatically inject your brand name (e.g. title – brand.tld) in your title in search which is pain in the ass to deal with because it dilutes SERP and trims your actual pge title. Not sure why would want to purposely do this to yourself.


    – If you don’t have a well-known brand yet, inserting the the brand in all your titles helps with building that brand. During this period, put the brand at the end of your title tag.
    – If you you have a well-known brand, including it in the title will improve CTR. At this stage, the brand should probably go to the beginning of your title – but it depends on niche/SERP layouts.
    – If you have an MFA website that will never turn into a brand, there is no benefit to include your brand in the title.


    IMO the HP is made to consolidate your branded keywords.
    Title Tag is a precious piece of your SEO arsenal. It needs to be perfect and nothing less.
    You need keywords and copywriting in less than 80 characters. There is no room for your brand name.
    Furthermore your brand name appears in the URL (usually) and you can add it all you want in the META Description.

    In short, optimize your HP’s title tag for your brand name and baseline.
    Leave your brand name out of all the other pages (except Contact page, etc)


    Should the call to action in a title be keyword researched to have volume? Or just to your best judgement on what is most “click bait?”


    How many keywords should I aim for in a title tag? If my first keyword is only 30 characters, should I be adding a second or third keyword to fill it to 70?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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