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    Hi folks!

    So the problem is i got a few costumers ( ngl 1 costumer is my brother) who wants to optimize SEO for their website but the issue is that they only have 1 page website (kinda portfolio/cv web) promoting their service/product.

    Soooo.. i know that having only 1 page is a limiting factor but with this types of sites i cant figure out how indexing more pages will make sense ( as it isnt like a blog-style web).

    What are ur ideas on what should i do/implement guys??


    You cant do much with a one page website. Unless in some special cases.

    You should start with a keyword research. It will show you if there is enough perspective to create another content. Than comes the website structure. It should be determined also by keyword research.

    Cant give you an exact advice since I do not know what is your web. You can DM it to me.


    >promoting their service/product.

    Than create content around those service/product. Do keywords research, add more contents, more pages, voila!


    Actually, one-page websites can work great for targeting a very specific topic.


    A great piece of SEO advice is to look at your competitors. What are they doing to win? Check to see if you can find sites that rank for a similar keyword or topic and figure out what they are doing to rank well.

    Ask questions! Do they have lots of blogs? Multiple Service pages? What are some keyword they are ranking for?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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