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    Hey guy, I just started a job as a backlink specialist for this company( very entry level because I have no experience whatsoever ) 3 months ago. I’ve done some of strategies for obtaining backlinks via Google like email outreach, blog posting, unlinked mentions and broken link building.

    My boss seems to have put the task of figuring out how to get links more frequently on my shoulders. I would like to know if there are any methods that you have used and seen success in? My cold mailing is going well but at a slow pace.

    I really want to get better at this because I do really enjoy it but right now I’m feeling a bit lost as to how I can somehow get quality links.

    I really hope to make a career of this someday and any advice would be greatly appreciated, even if you could just nudge me in the right direction.


    How long ur site been going ? how much authority they have ?

    Its hard to get quality links when u got no authorities in ur niche.


    You just buy them lol


    Having quality content to pitch is always a plus, but the real kicker is having an *incentive*.

    Imagine yourself as the WM of the site you’re pitching to. What would you need to hear in order to place a backlink? Keep in mind, they probably get 10-15 emails a day (for a smallish website with decent traffic) asking for the exact same thing.

    Personally, the promise of my website reaching a broader audience, getting a backlink from somewhere in return, or cash are all good inventives.

    We manage a small network of sites for the adults purpose off being able to say “I would be happy to offer you a link from one of these sites in exchange”

    You have to find a way to break through the noise.


    Create linkable assets. Infographics are pretty blah (but still useful if you can be unique about it) maybe you can think of something specific for your niche. For ex. websites in the real estate niche have browser-based mortgage calculators. Vertical sites that write about real estate for B2C usually link to these resources.

    What about niche research? Put together some stats about your industry that other blogs will reference. Or try reaching out to industry experts so you can get exclusive quotes. Work with your content/PR/backend teams to produce these assets if you can. These are like ‘passive income’ backlinks that grow as your website does. Try seeing beyond the outreach part of backlinking and think about how you can produce value.

    Get someone on your content team to focus on outbound guest posting who will ghost for someone in your company that’s influencer material. Build his/her authorship so people will want to invite them on their blog or quote them.


    Take a look at the sidebar of a subreddit. you can place links there


    Paid guestposting is the only “scalable” in my eyes.
    Otherwise infographics, pictures in general, broken backlinks,..


    Buy them – check them –


    Lots of great advice on here. Its all about adding value. One thing I would like to add is don’t contact the general contact form. Try to contact the author, SEO, or manager/director directly. Emails to general contact forms will (usually) get instantly deleted unless the site is selling links. I use linkedin to find the people, and get their email address from []( (its free).

    Link building is sales. It is also a grind. You need to remember that one real, high quality, relevant link can make days even weeks or months of planning/prospecting/failure worth it.

    Remember what works and remember what doesn’t and continue to refine your technique.


    Explain me, How it works.


    Thanks so much guys, you’ve probably given me better advice than my boss ever has. I really appreciate it!


    I’m a webmaster in a general niche and i get pitches every day.

    They suck 99.9999% of the time.

    The ones that do catch my attention then waste my time by spending little to no time crafting an article that I wouldn’t post on a PBN let alone a site that makes me money. Here’s a criterion i use.

    * The article must be equal to or of better quality than what i have on site.
    * The topic and structure of the article must be of better or equal quality than what is already ranking in the SERPS for that keyword.
    * Don’t send me an article that uses anchor texts like ‘plumbing service denver’ or ‘removalists NYC’.
    * Use proper semantical heading tags.

    If you feel the link will bring an ROI and more eyes on your content and thus your website, please spend time crafting the content.


    – Linkable assets (data-rich infographics, blogs, etc.)

    – join “Help a Reporter Out”


    Backlinks are too important an SEO aspect to be ignored today, and hence we do need to have an effective strategy for link building.

    You can leverage the Barnacle SEO strategy to build links successfully, and even SEO on the whole. It refers to leveraging resources from giants/popular websites in the same niche as you. What you can do is create fresh infographics or help them with their outdated content, and ask for backlinks in return. And remember, one quality backlink will be better than even a hundred spam links.

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