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    Hi There all, I am currently getting my teeth stuck into building out backlinks for a number of my clients but I am somehow limited in my understanding as how to action these. I have heard people throw around differing degrees of perspective for how to backlink in 2020. Does anyone possibly have some tips to help out with what best practice is and where is the best place to start?


    You have to start somewhere so if you dont wanna pay for links and you are running specific topic that nobody links then you might start looking for website directories / listings with good dr and low spam scores and ofc dofallow attribute. Nowadays listings sites are measured way lower than years ago buy as a starting point i believe its ok.


    Main & the most import tip don’t try or rely on **black-hat** or **grey-hat SEO**. Your website will be gone from Google If Google caught you.

    Additionally, never run after cheap backlinks.

    For example, you created 100 backlinks in a month still not getting the desired result and your competitor creates only 10 backlinks and got the result.

    You know why?

    It’s because your competitor only focuses on **the high DA (Domain Authority) websites**.


    I’m actively doing a backlink competitor analysis rn, in fact I came here to research and stayed to procrastinate lol. But if your clients have well-established, technically-sound, domains with decent content and a moderate amount of backlinks I would not emphasize backlink work too much.

    I’m still researching but many of the high DA domains I am seeing are major publications, social media, maybe a few truly authoritative domains in your niche, with a lot of mid-range DA ones from those blasted local and niche directories or blogs. For a localized business absolutely try and get on those Chamber of Commerce sites and other various directories, this potentially helps not only with your backlinks but also Local SEO citations. And definitely make sure you have GMB, Bing Places, Yelp, MapQuest, Apple Maps, etc and social media accounts if applicable. But other than the handful of opportunities you may find, you’re gonna run into a lot of pay-to-play shit either above board or below board, and it just doesn’t seem worth it. Maybe I’ll change my stance in a couple months, who knows.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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