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    Hey guys,

    So my boss wants me to build backlinks. This is not what I specialise in as I am more content strategy and keyword focused.

    However, I don’t want to let him down.

    So far I have tried broken link-building with 0% ROI.

    I’m fact all of these email outreach methods seem less than likely to pan out successfully.

    I’m trying to promote our infographics as well but he’s not very convinced with that strategy.

    Is there any method you can recommend for a website with no brand identity to start building links?


    You need to have some kind of budget for it, but if you do you due diligence you can find some guys on Fiverr that will set up quality links for you. There are a lot of scams out there, so be careful, but this is the only way to do this “quickly”


    I have experience in link building. If you want to know more, DM me.

    P.s. I don’t offer/provide that scam bulk links. ✌


    Backlinks are a long game and a result of a lot of networking. Interact with others around your industry space as much as possible and build relationships.

    Also be sure your content is worth linking to.

    Some easy wins that aren’t really backlinks but what you can realistically accomplish for your boss is to propagate your brand across other directories. So make sure your information is uniform and you have profiles on Google Maps, Waze, Bing, Uber, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc… and get a pulse going for each of these platforms.


    For a lot of small businesses/websites I find roadblocks with link building usually centered about a lack of link worthy content. That’s to say, why the hell would somebody want to link to your client’s website ?

    Infographics are, IMO, kind of a method of the last decade when it comes to SEO. With the rise of do-it-yourself infographic tools, just about anybody can piece together and infographic relative to their niche or industry .

    That said, infographics haven’t lost their utility by any means. It’s just the sex appeal has gone down a little bit such that people don’t get to giddy about ” being allowed to ” in bed some random assholes infographic on their website and link back to it as a source.

    So, the conversation usually becomes about spending a couple thousand dollars developing link worthy content versus spending a couple hundred dollars on some passable backlinks. I say “passable” and the sense that they’re not spam but they’re also not the front page of the Wall Street journal.

    If you’re looking for an outreach list, I’d suggest using AH refs and getting a handful of competitor websites and exporting all the in content, do follow backlinks from each competitor, make a list to get rid of duplicates, and then start clicking away on the keyboard send an emails.

    Another option is to simply hit up some random SEO agency that’s better tooled than you are and outsource it. Sure, you’re not going to make the same amount of money but you’re also not going to have to do any work. Tack on 15%, and call it a day!


    Look up keywords on incognito window. Note down websites one by one. Note down contact info of at least 3 people. And contact them one by one. Get an article or infographic to publish. The success rate is like 5% .
    One tip though, do not listen to google when it comes to link building!


    The first thing I would recommend is looking up what websites are currently linking to your site. I have experience using SEMRush and they have a tool called **Backlink Analytics** that will tell you when a site linked to you, how many links, and how long ago did they link to you. From there you can reach out to them to link specific content from your site.

    Also, you’re able to look up your competitions backlinks and reach out to those websites that are currently linking to them. Or, if one of your competitors is no longer in business you can run a backlink search on them and find out which backlinks are coming back as 404 errors.


    I’m happy to chat backlinks; it’s been the basis of all my SEO strategies since the late 90s.

    The ‘easiest’ options aren’t chasing people, IMHO. If you’re new, I suggest:

    – creating unique and fun “best of” content in your niche that highlights movers and shakers; send them a note (tag on Twitter, IG, whatever) and let them know you’ve given them some love. It’s not new or the quickest to create, but it’s a win-win for everyone (you’ve got fresh new content, they’ve got someone new advocating for them). I want to also say…. not the “big” movers and shakers, household names, but rather the folks that aren’t so big they’d appreciate the plug.

    – same goes for review content, especially if it’s favorable. Find high-intent keywords and review relevant items in your niche, then again let the person/place/thing you’ve reviewed know about it.

    – use HARO, or sites like it, extensively.

    – this is my favorite ‘secret’ way to get high ROI backlinks fast: publish content about research in your niche that no one else is. I don’t mean create your own research (but of course do if you have those resources). I mean contact multiple PR folks and academics in your niche and ask them to share their newest and greatest findings with you. While you’re waiting for those emails to roll in (they will), use something like Google Scholar to find published research related to your site. Write up a real-world synopsis (or synthesize if you’re a great writer) and get those stats and facts out there. Why? Because .edus will link to you, including the original researchers. People will use your info on Wikipedia over the scholarly work (because it’s easier to read, quote and digest for the average layperson). Books will quote you, media will contact you, you’ll have links for decades…. I literally have folks contacting me about research I covered 14 years ago because none of it’s still live and available.


    Make good content that others want to link to.


    Backlinks is ongoing process which build with different platform such as guest blogging, Forums, Business listing, blog promote on social media and other techniques.


    are people still doing broken link thingy ?


    Write well researched long form articles. Like 4000 to 8000 words or so.

    You will get backlinks without even asking for it.

    Just told you one way to do it yourself.


    Can’t believe anyone mention HARO + Headcomai here!

    Specially when you don’t have a brand yet!

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