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    Hello. I have recently made a major change in the attribution model from the last click to time-decay as I did the same change on another account which resulted in better performance. I tried it again on one of the other accounts that I work with and it made things worse in terms of performance. I wonder if that specific change couldn’t be the cause of hindered output of my smart shopping campaign? The amount of conversions per selected time frame is the same. I am always looking for ways how to improve my campaigns so I thought default settings aren’t the best and gave it a shot but now I can’t properly evaluate the sudden decrease in “revenue” from PLA as it was almost 1/2 higher last month. Maybe it might be a product of other external factors as well? Could someone elaborate? I will be most happy with any information.


    Attribution has quite a big impact on google´s smart bidding. It can also take a while to process a new attribution, so you should give it 2-4 Weeks in order to see real results.

    Regarding your choice of attribution, is there a reason why you use last click or time-decay, those are most of the times not the best choices…altough there are exeptions where it makes sense.

    If you have a decent conversion volume going with position based or data driven will lead to good results.


    When you switch to a model that’s backwards-looking (anything other than last click) it won’t track retroactive clicks as conversions. In a way, you’re starting from scratch.

    If you typically need 1-week to attribute all your conversions you’ll have 1-week of down performance. You can get an idea of your typical attribution from those reports in Google Ads or Analytics.

    Also, importantly, you need to use a longer look-back period to evaluate performance. If it takes a week for most of your conversions to be realized you shouldn’t be looking at the most recent 7 days of conversions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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