Are any of these websites good to learn SEO, for beginner / really rusty?

Forum White Hat SEO Are any of these websites good to learn SEO, for beginner / really rusty?

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    Any great / better resource out there that you can you recommend? Video series would be great too (like a whole applicable course curriculum – more interested in some theory and mostly tactical / application right now rather than pure theory.

    For context, juggling a lot of different learning priorities so would ideally love something that’ll give me the “biggest bang for my buck” in terms of time investment. Also, further context – have not touched SEO for 10+ years. Mostly am just aware of having to build up backlinks, used to be about stuffing keywords but seems to need relevant/related keywords now, etc. Familiar with keyword research (but was never good at balancing between low competition and widely searched keywords). Working on my own Shopify site.


    For context, I Googled and found the 1st site, and was recommended the 2nd. Not sure if either are good resources to learn from. Been sensitive about this ever since I found out that Neil Patel isn’t good for learning from (lol).

    Shopify SEO Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Rank #1 (2021) ([](

    Shopify SEO Guide: Simple Step-by-step for beginners – AVADA Commerce


    Im a noob, I used some tips from this forum, connected my website to google search console, Downloaded Yeost Seo on wordpress and added keywords etc. Got google my business and filled it in and its been okay.

    Purchased some seo whitehat or backlinks on Fiveerr lets see if they help but organic for me and its been alright.

    I have used google ads but it gets expensive and annoying especially if you dont get a sale all month 🤦‍♂️. If you use google ads they give promo credit so get a voucher.

    That’s what I did and its been okay i guess 🙋‍♂️, Just need to figure out this h1 h2 headers etc to help seo.

    Onwards and upwards onto my next project whilst this hopefully pops up in ranking soon.


    The Moz and Ahref blogs are great. I think the best source for learning SEO is search! Because Google gives us very accurate results. For example, one time the answer to my question can be found in a forum and another time on the Moz site, or a video is my answer


    []( is a great place to start. And like others have said-Moz and ahrefs have a ton of free info. There’s also a lot on YouTube and Brian Dean’s Backlinko is worth checking out. Once you get reading it will all come back to you like a bad dream-lol.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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