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    I follow all kind of advices and implemented whatever it is necessary when comes to SEO. Each page with different title and description, H1,H2 etc. Website is secured HTTPS.
    Blogs written, update regularly everything such as plugins, themes add articles.

    Then there is that website ( competitor ) who almost never fluctuate according to Semrush. I have there my website and observe 2 competitors but first of all one of them.

    Their website is very nice but no articles just they add one sentence as a calendar, not secured website with HTTPS, they use the same H1 keyword for all their pages They use the same title on all pages as well, lack of other H1 or H2 and so on and they never go below Nr.2 on search. While my website organic search shows 3 or often 5-6 go certain keywords the competitor’s website is always 1 or 2 for the same keywords.

    It brings me to the conclusion that whatever Google does and all those panic news about must have https, write, write and write good content etc is big BS. There must be something else behind it.
    Can you reveal your secrets please?


    I think its the backlinks, DA and PA


    The #1 secret is surely content.
    If they have no content then probably their domain is older than yours, but if you build content around the keyword they’re beating you in, if you write 3-4 blogs a week around that keyword, you’ll beat them very soon.


    I Want to Know Something
    1. Do you Write a Quality full article?
    2. Is your article Have Enough Information about that topic?
    3. Have there any grammatical mistakes?
    4. How much time ago you publish your content?
    5. Has there any Duplicate Content?
    6. Have there Unnatural Keyword Stuffing?
    7. Have you created some backlinks?


    I’m guessing your site has seo technical problems. I work full time in SEO and its very common


    I just checked Semrush
    Site Health up from 82 to 87
    Performance 98% (+6)
    Crawlability 97% (+5)
    Error 1 (-3). It looks like inside membership content is not error anymore.


    The secret is content and consistency.


    Maybe their site is just older? Even if you make changes you will need to wait a bit for the search engines to update.


    My bet is: the competitor site is older, so they may have a lot of backlinks crawled by Google (even if now are broken links) so Google still think that site is better.

    You already tried a lot of things so my next step could be:

    Improve search results. Tittles and meta description. If you are in WordPress I use rank math, because it shows more or less an usable point scale that tells you how good is your meta description versus your keywords. Just don’t aim for 100% is a waste of time, take it just as a guide of optimization.

    Also I use screaming frog for the same.

    Both tools give a mostly accurate idea of how people will se your site in the search result.

    If you are already ranking just below tour competition, then a better description should help the CTR.

    Then wait. Google take their time to crawl your website, you can go to search console and “inspect page” that helps some times. And update your sitemap.

    Every new post should be added to your sitemap and then tell Google in the inspect page section than the new link exist so they crawl it a bit faster.

    And be patient. We don’t control Google, and first position sound like is great, but people also click in the best description for what they are looking, being the second and third is also good, so take it easy 😉


    Thank you all for prompt responses and help. It looks like II have a job to do.
    Today in SR I was that the website viability dropped. Whole month was steady and then boom. Traffic Potential is better for competitor again.


    Are you doing any outreach with the articles you’ve written? I’ve found even if you write quality content people won’t just magically begin linking to you. Over the very long term, I’m sure you can accumulate some backlinks, I’ve found to have the most success from doing a lot of outreach after I’ve published an article.


    How old is your domain?


    Blogging to get rankings only works if the competition is shit. Do yext citations and do them right. I bet that competitor has indexed power listings.


    Yes. All.

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