Anyone have experience with advertising on adult sites?

Forum White Hat SEO PPC Anyone have experience with advertising on adult sites?

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    Supposedly banner ads on adult video sites are very cheap but I have read different things on the internet. Some articles are praising this advertising method (like Trafficjunky), other people are saying it’s mostly low quality traffic or bots that come through.

    Has anyone ever experimented with this? And if yes, what was your experience?


    I had a client awhile back selling a sex toy. I was told by our strategist that based on their research TrafficJunky was really the only viable ad platform. I don’t have a lot of hands on experience there, YMMV.


    I tried it once and it was pretty terrible and if you think about it people on pornhub are there to watch porn they might accidentally click an advertisement but that’s about it. But maybe some products work some don’t idk I only tried it for a few days


    No experience on ads but here’s my view on it as a consumer of adult content on the sites.


    Most of the traffic you’ll get from those ads are Accidental Clicks. I personally never went to an adult site and looked at the ads.


    Yes I tried it for a legit use case (I was seeing if people would sign up for online sex therapy ) and didn’t work out. The ad sales guy said “we have the most engaged audience” and I believe that but I guess users are just there for a quick single purpose 30 second activity that doesn’t attract them to anything legit you might be selling. But it was a funny experiment lol


    I tried it. I used to work for a cable company, and it seemed like a good idea to promote our adult pack in porn sites. We created a pretty extensive campaign which, as you say, was pretty cheap in terms of CPM. But it didn’t convert, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t work very well in terms of awareness either.

    I learnt a few lessons with the experience though:

    – ads only work if they are super explicit. If they are not more arousing than the content itself, people will just ignore them (this is an official best practice from traffickjunkie themselves in fact). So if you are doing this for a brand that is not related to the adult industry, it can certainly be a risky move. You might not want to place your logo next to a penis, haha.
    – You need more volume to make an impact.
    – don’t expect people to convert right away, they are kind of busy.. haha


    You could do TrafficJunky (people are there for porn, not weed or sex toys or anything, but it’s brand awareness for sure) or Native Ads from Outbrain, but those are the kinds of ads old people click on while reading Fox News because it looks like straight up click bait (and usually is, if we’re being honest). I would go for Outbrain over TrafficJunky.


    I’m about to start. My client is a brewery aiming to sell beer to 18-35 year old men.


    Ymmv based on your end goal but prepare to spend on junk traffic to find the conversions.

    You can only target based on country and ad placement.

    NTV boxes work better but there’s a reason why minimum rates on adult ads fell so much.

    My goal was conversions, and eventually my ads would die only hours after launching instead of days so I had to swap them constantly to keep up.

    There is a lot of junk traffic and I mean a lot. I’ve seen IPs from VPS servers going through my click tracker from Traffic junky placements which means the pages were being loaded by bots.


    Yep. Cheap, but bad traffic, very low conversions


    I sold bongs on trafficjunky did not work but I didnt try for that long. Its a good space to sell bongs though cuz you cant anywhere else


    The hardest to convert traffic ever, literally.

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